Episode 128: Bastion’s in the Past…ion

From the parting mists steps a man, sallow eyes lit by the neon glow of a hundred distant city lights like a bowl of souls catching fire. He’s been to Hell and back, this man, and pain trails him in the night.

“Transistor,” the man they call Cameron whispers through the dark, “isn’t as good as Bastion.”

Well, Stephen “Never Shuts Up” Kelly has a more optimistic appraisal of the situation, and he gingerly attempts to step around the spoilers for Bryan’s sake. To further disillusion Cameron, Dark Souls 2 has bested him and nobody wants to play Titanfall; they’d rather talk in-depth about TV’s Arrow and its distinctly non-Marvel take on superheroes. This bores Cameron, as does brand new segment Stephen’s Haphazard Video Game Reviews… Yeah, which invites listeners and a rinky-dink tale of Sonic Advanced and a little bit of pinball. After all of these difficult times, it’s a wonder that Cameron wants to extend the podcast past its usual hour mark to discuss the nature of action adventure games and whether or not that genre actually makes any sense.

Direct link to the episode yaaaaaaay!

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

2 thoughts on “Episode 128: Bastion’s in the Past…ion

  1. This weeks episode was… Awesome!!
    Not only did you discuss Transistor, which I’m very interested in, but also talked about Darksiders II, which I’m currently playing (and enjoying very much). Plus, you dedicated a good chunk of time to discussing Arrow, which I’d asked for. Thanks ever so much for doing so! As for the points you raised, I can’t disagree with any of them. Trying to shoehorn superheros into a realistic world setting can seem rather forced a lot of the time, and the two elements end up being at odds with each other. I guess they’re going for the Christopher Nolan’s Batman kind of feel, since they’re both set in the same world. I can’t say it works all that well for me either. But, like Brian said, since I see the show as being more of a fun one, rather than a serious one, I find it pretty easy to ignore. What I really do like about it, though, is that it tries hard. I get the impression that they’re trying to build something good with it. The show’s makers seem happy to be patient and let the story (and backstory) build at it’s own pace, rather than rushing through things. And the action sequences are entertaining to watch and actually choreographed, rather than the usual fast-cuts-shaky-cam-can’t-see-what’s-going-on cop out. So, despite its flaws, I’m enjoying watching it, and am glad to hear that you’ll be sticking with it (I think it gets better as it goes along).
    Thanks again for the episode, it was a delightful listen.

    • Thanks! It was a lot of fun, as was the episode we just now finished recording. :D

      That’s a good point; the pacing is something I hadn’t considered a lot before, and they absolutely did a good job giving their arcs time to mature rather than just rushing them from step to step. I thought Tommy in particular was given a lot of smart growth throughout the series, rather than just remaining a vestige of Oliver’s old life. I’m actually very curious to see where Season 2 will take things. I can really see it going either way!

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