Episode 143: The End (feat. Go Big Or Go Home)

Following the disastrous Disembodied Voices Christmas Telethon Variety Show with No Actual Telephone and Questionable Variety (along with Bryan’s failure to redeem the holiday and not die), the third and final act of this holiday special shares with the world one last moral. Stephen, Cameron, and Zachary are in for one sad Christmas as they struggle to make ends meet, but can hope be found in a future without the lovably familiar podcast everyone (or a few people at least) knows and loves?

One would hope so, because this is also the final curtain call for a super fun show that has miraculously lasted almost four years. Yes, for serious, Disembodied Voices is officially shutting down and shutting up– this is a fond, fond, fond (way fond) farewell. To find out why this dreadful day has come to pass, listen to this ridiculous episode full of audio dramas, segments, Christmas, and good memories. But don’t be toooooooooo sad. After all, the DV Cast will be hanging out at Whales are Whales every darn week, including a podcast that resembles this show just a little lot.

So thanks for listening– really, THANKS. It’s been real, and occasionally, distinctly surreal. Have a life!

Direct link to the episode yaaaaaaay!

Click here for the full Go Big Or Go Home credits.

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

What Has Changed? song: Time Ruler’s Watch, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Secret Santa Espionage Tactical Strike Whatever Song: Christmas in the Village (Silver Bells), originally from Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals and ReMixed by Dale North.

Bryan’s holiday madness song: Event: Strain, from Sonic Adventure and composed by Kenichi Tokoi.

Zachary answers the door song: Event: 3 Black Noises, from Sonic Adventure 2 and composed Kenichi Tokoi.

Disembodied Voices Origins ending song: 1812 Overture (excerpt), from Peggle 2 and composed by Stan LePard & Dynamedion GbR.

Ending song: The Glory Days, from The Glory Days and composed by Big Giant Circles.

New Releases song: Hillbilly Rodeo, originally from Bubble Bobble and ReMixed by djpretzel.

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