So here you are at the Disembodied Voices headquarters. In case you haven’t noticed yet, this is a podcast run by four video game players: Stephen, Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary. It’s our endeavor to bring you intangible entertainment as we talk about stuff.

“And what sets this apart from the bazillion other video game podcasts?” you ask.

First off, our philosophy is a little different than some of the bazillion others. You see, there are bunches of places to go if you want to see news broken and statistics relayed, and that’s all well and good. But we’re not those places; we tend to talk about the actual games, and even then we make little effort to keep our topics in sync with the current goings-on. Games don’t cease to be interesting after six months. That’s not to say we won’t talk about new releases and wacky rumors– we definitely will– but if it doesn’t interest at least one of us, we’ll probably skip it. All four of us take turns wearing the host hat and sometimes arrive with special segments at the ready, so we’re always talking about things we care about, which makes it more entertaining for us and for you.

There’s enough negativity on this internet place and we’d rather not add to it. We keep the podcast clean, avoid getting caught up in the latest controversy, and try to find that fine line between goofy and insightful. Video games are a thing of wonderful radness and that’s why we talk into microphones every week.

Our little operation is always morphing and transforming in bizarre ways; new features pop up while others die, side projects spawn from a stray idea, and we’re probably the only video game podcast to perform forty-five-minute-long radio dramas with our spare time. As the future unfolds, feel free to join this noble crusade! We like comments and we’ll gladly read anything (within limits) that you send us– perhaps on an episode of Disembodied Voices! Wouldn’t that be exciting? We’ll also be your friend.

Thanks for listening, and by all means, have fun.

(Also, if you’d like to discover our grand history in full, we kind of made a documentary.)

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