Mini Episodes

The Zach & Cameron Show (6/5/2012) – Between E3 and Dragon’s Dogma, Stephen and Bryan have been incredibly, incredibly lazy. To avoid further work, having Zachary and Cameron throw together a podcast on their own seemed like a really good idea at the time, and this audio recording is the result. Join the duo as they play Serious Sam 3 and talk about T-shirts, Lollipop Chainsaw, PC hardware, social lives, Mass Effect, and… pretty much anything their minds happened to bump into. The experience is just a little bit magical. Disembodied Voices will be back next week with a stupendous barrel of E3 talk, but please enjoy this intermission: The Zach & Cameron Show.

 Let’s Talk About Halo 4 (11/15/2012) – After this week’s recording of your regularly scheduled Disembodied Voices episode went kerplunk (that’s a technical term, FYI), Stephen and Bryan had an idea for redemption. Why not put up a mini-episode all about Halo 4 instead? As you can clearly tell, the idea is somewhat clever and relevant, so plug in your headphones/speakers and join the spoiler-filled fun. A confounding story is appraised, emotional depth is explored, familiar mechanics are discussed, and online multiplayer is ignored. For all your comprehensive Halo 4 reviews, this is your first and last stop!

Random Encounters: Gone Fishin’ (3/12/2013)

A new series born by necessity, Random Encounters picks a random video game from the void and forces the participants to talk about it. This inaugural episode is off to an exciting start with Gone Fishin’, an MS-DOS title that nobody in the world knows about (including the panelists). All sorts of fishing mechanics are explored in great detail, from SEGA Bass Fishing to World of Warcraft, with the entire whirlpool of discussion centering around the classic gem of the good old days, Gone Fishin’. Join Stephen and Bryan for this adventure, listeners. Otherwise they’ll be lonely.

StarCraaaaaaaft! (3/13/2013)

From the deepest depths of the internet, within the farthest reaches of any known entity, there comes two men. Two men… who… aren’t really all that good at StarCraft II. But hey! They certainly like to talk about it! Cameron and Bryan have been playing ungodly amounts of StarCraft II and have loads to say about it as they discuss what could make the game better or worse and how they can improve on their tired and quickly failing build order! If you happen to like either Cameron or Bryan, or maybe you just like hearing about StarCraft II, this new Disembodied Voices mini episode entitled “StarCraaaaaaaft!” (that’s with seven As) will be right up your proverbial alley. Unless you don’t happen to have a proverbial alley. Then you might want to just leave. Not to force you either way, of course. These are all suggestions.

Random Encounters: Another Castle (4/2/2013)

This second installment of Random Encounters spins the eternal wheel of randomness and selects a game never before discussed on Disembodied Voices. Armed with the knowledge that they’re dealing with a Kickstarted platformer with randomly generated levels, Stephen and Bryan flounder (PUN– it’ll make sense later) around in an attempt to find say something coherent. Unfortunately, this only serves to confound them and possibly anger Jonathan Blow, so please listen in to give them moral support.

Intermission: The Stephen and Bryan Show (5/1/2013)

Zach and Cameron are gone; lost in the hustle and bustle of life like so many wayward tumbleweeds. Stephen and Bryan are busy playing World of Warcraft and, without the peer pressure from their esteemed colleagues, have no reason to stop. You, listener, are a special VIP guest on their trip through Shadowfang Keep, a perilous dungeon teeming with ghosts and switches that don’t do anything. Although you can’t actually see or hear the game and Bryan leaves his brother alone for a full unedited ten minutes, the adventures you’ll have in Azeroth will never be forgotten. Monsters and unsanitary kitchens don’t phase the two heroes one bit as they depend on each other and moist cornbread to charge forth, never ever giving up until the bitter end, during which they give up. Best of all, Cameron will have a fit that this episode was recorded in the first place.

A Necessary Dissertation (7/31/2013)

In this experimental, introspective episode of Disembodied Voices, join Stephen and Bryan as they converse about a very important game that gave them a new respect for this emerging medium.