Bryan, a lover of all things video games (apart from all those video games he *doesn’t* like, of course, but why mention those?) and unofficial peacemaker of the podcast’s many dissenting voices. When careful words can’t quell hotly contested debate (such as, truly, is Dragon Age better than Mass Effect?), he draws the panel’s collective ire by losing the podcast file or using his chance at host duties by flubbing the opening half a dozen times.

Genres are not a boundary for Bryan’s gaming tastes, and nor is good taste, for that matter. (He does have an undying love for Sonic Riders, after all.) After 15 years of game-playing he’s tried just about everything, and liked most of it. There are certainly holes yet to be filled (he still wouldn’t know a Jaguar from an Neogeo), but that’s what keeps the journey of video games alive, and makes the constant endeavor to actually play through his Steam library worth it all.

Oh! And he’s a fish.