I like video games. I like old games, new games, big games, small games, red games, blue games, and so on. I also like to write and edit audio things.

I tend to play games for more reasons than I can count, and I distinctly remember counting past two hundred in the past. Games have stories to tell, worlds to explore, challenges to overcome, friends to meet, intricacies to learn, jokes to hear, villains to overthrow, histories to read, weapons to wield, dozers to drill, puyos to pop, fun to be had, and a good deal more than that. Some of my best memories (of all time, even) include pitting Roy against Fox in Super Smash Bros. Melee or taking on a mob of ogres in World of Warcraft with my brother and fellow podcaster Bryan. Ever since that fateful day during which I played Putt-Putt Goes to the Moon, video games have been a rad part of my life.

What? You say that you didn’t ask me why I play games? Well, that was embarrassing.

In that case, let’s finish this up. I own most of the major consoles (handheld or otherwise) and hundreds of games, many of which I’ll never get around to playing (specifically the complete X-COM collection). I’m partial to both Sega and Nintendo, western RPGs, platformers, and games with memorable characters. I rather dislike sports games, excessive violence, and people who think being witty justifies being a jerk.

Lastly, the secret to happiness is Animal Crossing.