Episode 127: Velma + Shaggy <3

Welcome to the first episode of Here’s the Scoob, a podcast dedicated to keeping you in the groove with everyone’s, like, favorite mystery-solving gang. The new Scooby-Doo cartoon gets points for complex character growth and demerits for use of cell phones, but the high jinks eventually (and inevitably) drift into JRPG territory thanks to Tales of Symphonia and Tales of Everything Else. Without Cameron there to implement draconian anti-WoW policies, western RPGs get some room to breath as well– oh, and Kirby eats multiple trains in Kirby Triple Deluxe, did you know that? It’s very cool.

Direct link to the episode yaaaaaaay!

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: Pixelated Tales, originally from Tales of Symphonia and ReMixed by Showroom Dummy.

[audio https://www.cubby.com/p/_ec8c07f2cdc94bec894b860809c88de2/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%20127.mp3]

Episode 110: Creepy Hozen Hands

The DV Cast have made a collective decision to let the Cameron license expire in order to focus on what’s really important: themselves. Although everyone’s favorite narcoleptic madman is nowhere to be seen, everyone else gets plenty of time to discuss their favorite Disembodied Voices episodes, moments, and members. Reckless self-indulgence is uninhibited by dignity, as is Zachary’s willingness to play through the convoluted, gummy plot of Kingdom Hearts all over again for seemingly no reason at all. But don’t worry, there’s plenty of Japanese and RPG to go around, for Stephen and and Bryan are busy with a demonic school in which they school demons thanks to Persona 3: FES, even though their in-game MMO pal’s identity is spoiled before its time. Speaking of MMO pals, events are topped off with a weird story about a fairly nonsensical encounter in World of Warcraft which acts as the origin story of this episode title.

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: Voodoo, Roots ‘n Grog, originally from The Secret of Monkey Island and ReMixed by Alex Jones and Diggi Dis.

Episode 99 Part 3: Anime-zing Episode

Cameron is asleep again, so it’s up to the remaining DV Cast members to carry the sputtering torch of Episode 99. In its third evolution, this episode covers a whole bunch of Japanese ground, including Pokemon’s video game and anime forms, difficulty levels of JRPGs vs. visual novels, Death Note’s non-spoilery plot twist of radical wildness, and a comprehensive history of the Dragon Ball franchise. But don’t worry! Those in search of something far from Kyoto’s fair cityscape can enjoy Bryan’s tribulations of Civilization V, in which he plays… ahem… as Japan.

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and ReMixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Ending song: Photosynthesis, originally from Pokemon Diamond Version and ReMixed by halc.

Episode 90: The Podcast of Us

The pseudo-benevolent master shipping people at GameFly decided to send Stephen and Bryan The Last of Us at… well, last. This has triggered an entire episode theme dedicated (for the most part) to the thrilling, shocking, saddening, happening events of this Naughty Dog creation. Combat mechanics, favorite moments, expectations, beginnings, endings, and just about everything in between have a turn in the spotlight in spoilerific fashion, so please watch your step. Of course, there’s always time to chat up Ask Yoda and shoot the breeze about Street Sharks, and the DV Cast have been playing games, too. Bryan handed his brother a briefcase of nineteen retro games for his birthday, sparking a violent argument about Chrono Trigger, and Zachary has quite a tale to tell about a terrible JRPG that he loves for no reason. It’s an episode you should listen to for sure.

Opening song: Electrolytic Man, originally from Mega Man and ReMixed by MaJIN_SaN, ambient, and tomatsu.

Story time song: Weeping Willow, originally from Willow and ReMixed by ilp0.

Ending song: It’s Morphin Time!, originally from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and ReMixed by WillRock.