Episode 132: Katy Perry Gets $4

War never changes, but Zachary does. He’s all goofy about MMOs these days– an obsession shared by the resident brothers– and he owes it all to Final Fantasy XIV. This makes Stephen happy, but Cameron becomes disillusioned about the world because of this and then mysteriously disappears from the Skype call, which also makes Stephen happy. (Those two settle their differences by arguing vehemently about A Game of Thrones.) Bryan is, as usual, towing the line and playing Hearthstone with a likable spirit impenetrable from unlikable things such as The Dead Linger and Spyro the Dragon: Enter Elijah Wood. That also sets a new record for celebrity references in a Disembodied Voices episode which is just kind of weird.

[audio https://ia902506.us.archive.org/32/items/DisembodiedVoicesEpisode132ForReal/Disembodied%20Voices%20-%20Episode%20132%20for%20real.mp3]


Direct link to the episode yaaaaaaay!

Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: Data Flux, originally from Tyrian and ReMixed by Magellanic.

Episode 102: The Sports Episode

Sports! The moment that word slips out, every member of the DV Cast can’t help but to dash for the catcher’s mitts and televised footballing events to cheer, holler, and create hullabaloo about their very favorite hobby on this green earth. Despite all of that being an insidious lie, this episode of Disembodied Voices is technically about sports– particularly Zachary getting beaned in the head with a baseball and Bryan getting clubbed in the head with a bat– but in reality this topic spends a lot of time on the bench. Video games such as stinky bummer Sonic Lost World, anti-jump-scare Fatal Frame, and kind of okay Tiny Death Star (AKA Moisture Farmville) quickly rush in to fill the gaps, accompanied by super fun segments. Food Time compares fine cheeses and divides people on the mayonnaise issue while Odd-eo introduces a useful means to Nickelodeon game shows. The conversation is like Navi from the opening of Ocarina of Time as it flits here and there, occasionally bumping into things, and that’s just the way it’s done here at Disembodied Voices HQ. Come along for the ride, will you?

Opening song: Funky Bits by Yoann Turpin.

Ending song: Nairobi Hop, originally from Super Dodge Ball and ReMixed by DCT, Khakolak Boy, LuIzA, Mega Ran, and Mr. Jones.

Episode 101: History Repeats Itself and So Does Animal Crossing

What are your go-to games, reader and potential listener? Which ones do you never tire of playing, or even if you do, you continue consuming because you are physically/mentally unable to stop? The DV Cast (minus Zach) shed their own light on this cold-button issue (a cold-button issue is something that nobody else is really talking about), which serves as the theme of Episode 101. Summarize a Game in Five Words gives poetry to opinion while brand new segment Steamed Broccoli encourages the invasion of privacy via Steam history, each of them tying into go-to games in their own special way. You’ll also hear about Typing of the Dead: Overkill’s secret to success, the yakuza’s involvement in The Sims 3, and 1080 Avalanche’s affordable madness. There’s also some StarCraft Talk, but it would be easier to count the episodes not featuring Zerg-related conversation at this point.

Opening song: Funky Bits by Yoann Turpin.

Ending song: Musicolours, originally from The Sims 3 and ReMixed by Guifrog.