Episode 135: Let’s Be Xenophobic Together

This episode begins with lots of yelling, so that’s… good. But who wouldn’t raise his or her voice in celebration when Stephen’s birthday just happened, complete with fifteen new old video games hand chosen by Bryan and just waiting to be played? Cameron helped out by sending Stephen a copy of Ollie Ollie and singing loudly, distracting himself from the murky fate of Destiny with merrymaking and the like. He also joins forces with Zachary in a militant anti-MOBA stance, which leads a bit more yelling. There’s also video games and stuff– just listen to the episode already!


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Opening song: Chalupa Pass, from Minimap and composed by coda.

Ending song: Title Jam, originally from Plok and ReMixed by Mazedude.

A Christmas Kerfuffle

As daylight fails, the glow of a thousand thousand homes takes up the torch, bringing hope, and peace, and light to that most special night of Christmas Eve. Meanwhile, the DV Cast are stranded in a ski cabin, no more than a shaken bottle of rage-flavored soda, and should the pressure become too great, just might destroy Christmas and their beloved little podcast. Scriptwriter Bryan returns to the theoretical stage in this follow up to his critically acclaimed audio drama How a Little Podcast Saved (and Nearly Ruined) Christmas, inviting you and yours to partake in this dark middle chapter of a tinsel-tailored trilogy. Please, then: dim the lights, start the fire, and listen on.

Also, Disembodied Voices would like to extend a Christmas High Five to everyone!

Disembodied Voices: The Documentary

Disembodied Voices is a cutting-edge tour de force of modern podcasting, but it, like many things that exist, had a beginning. This captivating documentary chronicles the lives of four unlikely friends as they struggle against colossal odds, creative freedom, and each other. Discover how the DV Cast came– and almost ceased– to be from the brutally honest recordings of Stephen, Bryan, Cameron, and Zachary. As part of the 100th Anniversary Regarding Episode Count Than Actual Years, Disembodied Voices: The Documentary is a deeper look into the astounding podcast with occasional yetis. This is history.

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How a Little Podcast Saved (and Nearly Ruined) Christmas

It is Christmastime! Magic and good deeds light the sky of joy like a thousand candles burning with the flame of gingerbread that tastes really great. In this spirit, the DV cast presents a heartwarming Christmas Special that tells a tale of hope, tinged with sadness and teeming with good cheer. The path may be chaotic and even stupid, but a very important lesson is learned in the end. So, if you please, call your friends and family to huddle around the computer as you listen to Stephen, Bryan, Zachary, and Cameron put their fine vocal chords to work in How a Little Podcast Saved (and Nearly Ruined) Christmas.

As an extra note, this is the second official Disembodied Voices radio drama, preceded by The Lunatic Murder. If you’d like to hear that one too (and catch all of the jokes in this one), feel free to give it a listen!

Disembodied Voices wishes you all a heartfelt Merry Christmas!

[audio http://dl.dropbox.com/u/47796264/Christmas%20Production.mp3]